Friday, August 04, 2006

Picking Flowers 

The self pick flower fields are blooming right now, so Jacob and I stopped by to get a bundle for the house. It's done on the honor system, and is very cheap! We got some sunflowers and some gladiola. I remember posting about this and if you click here you can go back to the old post. Look how much he has grown!

The weather really cooled off for the past week, last night we were wearing slippers because our feet were cold. And a couple of the radiators were on this morning. I thought I had checked that they were all turned off, but a few were mysteriously turned back up. Probably Jacob trying to figure out how they worked. At least he didn't try to take them apart. Hopefully we will get a couple more pool days before the end of summer, but it will have to warm up quite a bit.

Today was Jacob's last day of kindergarten, they have 3 weeks off for summer break. We are planning some trips to Playmobil and the zoo with friends, and then a 5 day trip to Garmisch and Austria during the last week.

We are excited, Kenny is off both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. That has become pretty rare! We aren't sure what we are doing but it will be nice for him to have a rest from work.

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