Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Photo Album info 

Our old photosite is offline now, but I have updated the link on the left to take you to our new page on Flickr. There aren't a whole lot of new pics over there yet, but take a look if you have time.

Monday, September 17, 2007

In Texas 

We have made it safely to Corpus Christi, it was a long trip. I was very happy to be here and have a few days of doing nothing, after being so busy for the past 3 weeks. It is amazing that we were able to get out of Germany so quickly, packing everything up and tying up all loose ends. We had a great last few days, hanging out with friends and enjoying the last bits of German life. Jacob had a party at his school to say goodbye, and it was quite the emotional goodbye. His class made him a beautiful scrapbook with pictures of his classmates, teachers, etc. It really was a special going away gift.

We made the long flight (almost 11 hours), claimed our baggage and Sammy, then stepped out into the Texas heat. Whew – it certainly is hot here! We had forgotten what real heat feels like, after 4 German summers. The fact that I was complaining about being hot when it hit 85 really seems silly now! We do have a nice breeze here in Corpus Christi, since it is directly next to the Gulf of Mexico.

We have spent some time driving around the town, seeing what it has to offer. Of course, we had some great meals of all the things we missed. Outback, IHOP, Chik fil a. were some of the things we enjoyed right away. Everyone has been very friendly so far, which is very encouraging when you are a newcomer.

Jacob is loving it here, he has been at the beach or the pool everyday since we arrived. What’s not to love about that when you are 5? As usual he makes us laugh with his commentaries about life. We were eating at a Mexican restaurant and Kenny had this overstuffed fish taco on his plate. He was debating if he should pick it up to eat it, or just use a fork and knife. (Keep in mind in Germany you don’t eat much food with your hands, so we have told this to Jacob quite often.) I said to Kenny “We’re in America, just pick it up” Jacob piped in “Yeah – because America is the land of the free, you can eat with your fingers if you want to”. I guess he has gotten America all figured out.

Kenny just called from his first day of work, and says that he has a window in his office looking out over the water. Sounds pretty nice!

We are using a very slow internet connection, so I can’t post too often, but I will try to keep everyone updated when I can. We are in the process of getting a house, which is exciting. It will be nice to get settled again, and back in our normal routine.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Auf Wiedersehen! 

So, this will be my last post from Germany! I wanted to have pictures, well thought out words, etc. Instead I have a quick post typed on a laptop while sitting in an empty room. I will get the pictures up later on our photosite, when there is more time.

Our house is just about empty, but our days have been full the last couple weeks. Not only with tasks in getting ready to make the "jump" across the ocean, but with fun too. I had an awesome last hurrah with my friend Georgeann in Nurnberg, it was a completely perfect time. We have had plenty of coffee and cake with German friends, and goodbye tears as well. Last night Kenny had dinner with some guys from his work, and tonight I had a farewell dinner with some of my closest friends from my church group PWOC. We laughed so hard tonight about so many things, it was great. Lots of kind words, and I know I am going to miss them so much.

The literal translation of Auf Wiedersehen is "until I see you again" which I think is a nice way to say goodbye. I'll just leave it at that. Next post will be from Texas....

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