Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summer Days 

Summer has been flying by, we have had a lot of fun. There has been a steady flow of visitors which keeps things interesting. We've been to San Antonio a couple times, one of which was a trip to Sea World. We also spent the weekend in Austin. Most other weekends included a trip to beach, usually the north end of Padre Island National Seashore. There is always a new critter to find at the beach, or some sort of shell we haven't seen before. Jacob loves going to the beach, and is quite the explorer. He has been staying busy with a summer camp on the days we work, which includes swimming, bowling and field trips. It's hard to believe we only have a month left and then school starts again. I don't think Jacob is quite ready to go back, but maybe over the next month he will change his mind.

Right now we are experiencing our first hurricane here in Corpus Christi, Hurricane Dolly. We are getting the north edge of it, so it hasn't been too bad. Lots of wind and rain, but we needed the rain. It's centered quite a bit south of here so we are lucky. We got out of work a little early in order to get home while there was a break in the rain, there is more forecast for tonight. The tide is really high, and the waves are huge out at the beach. But we are doing fine here.

I added some new pictures from our trip to Sea World and some of our beach trips, check them out.

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