Monday, February 19, 2007


The Fasching season is drawing to a close, today was Jacob's last celebration at school. The pictures above are from last weekend, when they had the parade in town. The kindergarten always has a theme, so all the kids are dressed alike. Last year was pirates, this year it was Wild West. Lots of cowboys and indians, they were all so cute. They got to wear the costume again during the week for grandparents day, and then again today for the party. It has been quite the celebration! Today they had a wild party complete with loud music, dancing and beer cups. Thankfully the beer cups only held treats, and no beer. Jacob told me they did a conga line all through the school, picking up children in each room until the line was as long as the school! I would say the party was a success!

The weather has been so crazy, but always on the warmer side. We went about a week without seeing the sun, so when it did come out over the weekend we took advantage of it. We went for a long walk with the dogs, and everyone got really muddy. The next day we went to the zoo in Nurnberg, which is always nice. Today was a bit cloudy again, but in the afternoon it cleared up. All of the crocuses and snow bells are blooming, and it is way too early for them. Just a mild winter this year. There is still time for it to get cold and snowy, so I could take this back in a couple weeks.

Kenny has been transferred to a new site, which is about 2 hours from home. We aren't sure if Jacob and I will be moving there or not, we will figure that out over the next month. For now he has a furnished studio apartment, and is working 6 days a week. So not a lot of free time. He comes home for the one day he is not working, although this weekend we are going to see him. While it is not the best situation, it is also not the worst and it will pass. I will keep you posted on what is going on whenever I know!

Somehow I have been quite lucky and have managed three trips to Nurnberg for Starbucks (and window shopping!) in the last couple weeks. Sometimes it's a month or more between trips, so this has been a treat. Starbucks is so much better in real mugs, when you can sit in the shop and relax. Try it sometime, instead of always getting it to go! I'm spoiled since that is the way coffee is usually served in Germany. In our town there is a small coffee shop and she does not have "to-go" cups. Now when I get it in a paper cup, halfway through I swear I can taste the paper.

I think I've hit on enough topics today, more ramblings to come.

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