Wednesday, September 10, 2008

another one 

We have had our share of hurricanes to welcome us to Texas, as we approach our one year anniversary of the move. The latest is Ike, which appears to have it's path headed right for us. Luckily we have family to the north that have already prepared a room for us! Kenny is ready with boards for the windows so we can be ready pretty quickly. It's always nice to know bad weather is coming a week prior. Much better than the tornadoes that swoop in unannounced.

Jacob went back to school and is settling in nicely. The first week was a bit of an adjustment, but he is in the swing of things now. There are some back to school pics over on flickr, click the link on the left. It's still outrageously hot, I can not wait until I can write about some cooler weather. Maybe in November! We do get to go to the beach a lot, so I can't complain about that part. More sun this past year than I experienced over 3 years in Germany. Why they do not use solar power more here is a mystery to me.

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