Wednesday, November 19, 2008

checking in 

It's already almost Thanksgiving! The Christmas stuff in the stores at Halloween really gives me anxiety, it just makes me start making all those lists in my head of things I have to do. Oh well, at least I don't have the mailing deadlines like we did in Germany.

We just had our first bit of cool weather, we actually got to wear long sleeved tshirts over the weekend. Very nice, we opened all the windows and enjoyed the cool breezes. People were breaking out the heavy coats, I think that was a bit much.

We survived Ike with no ill effects, although the same can not be said for our beaches. There was so much debris washed up for weeks after, we may go check it out again this weekend and see if anything has changed. About 10 days after the storm we drove about 20 miles down the beach toward Mexico, and it was unbelievable. Hotel doors, tvs, rooflines, couches, vending machines, telephone poles, mailboxes ..... you name it and it was on the beach. People were picking up all the lumber, I don't know what they were planning to do with it. One of the piers on our beach had some very serious damage, it should be fixed early in 2009.

Our little dog Heidi died over the summer, she had cancer and it finally got too bad. That was a really sad time for all of us, and we still miss her very much. The picture above is of her when we lived in Germany, she used to do this on our stairs and scare us. We were always worried she was going to fall through. Other pet news is that Jacob got a new pet of a hermit crab, which really doesn't do much. He's very easy to take care of so that is nice for me. (Meaning I am the one that takes care of the crab!)

We have been sightseeing around the local area, and up to the Austin area. It's hard to get to Florida or Tennessee between work and Jacob's school schedule. But of course everyone is always welcome to come visit us. Jacob also has a pretty full social calendar, often letting me know that friends are being dropped off moments before they arrive. :) There are children in the neighborhood that come over to jump on the trampoline and play Wii, that is the usual weekend activity.

As always I do update pictures on the flickr site, so even if there are no blog updates you can give the picture link on the left a look.

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