Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Merry Christmas! Hope that everyone had a wonderful time. We had a nice Christmas here at the house, and enjoyed it very much. We are planning the same for New Year's as Kenny has a few days off so he can relax too. Will blog again soon!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Things have finally slowed down here, every day is not scheduled full like it has been the past month. We are enjoying the time, and not doing too much. Jacob had gotten a new sled for his birthday, and we were waiting for some snow to use it. Well, I guess he had been really wishing for snow, because it started Friday night and has been pretty steady since then. It would stop for a few hours, then start back up again. But everything looks so beautiful so it is nice. We went sledding Saturday and Sunday, and Jacob rode his sled to school today. They are able to sled when they play outside, which is what they did today. All the kids were having a great time out there, and the teacher too.

Kenny on the other hand had a slippery drive home from work, and isn't looking forward to tomorrow morning. The other day it was really cold and foggy, and the best way to describe it is that the fog would drop down and stick to the road, sidewalks, etc. It was so hard to walk, I was running some errands on post and could barely make it down the sidewalk. After a couple hours it warmed up a few degrees and then it was better, it was so strange. I wasn't expecting it to be so slippery, because it wasn't wet outside, just foggy. Now I know to beware of freezing fog. Us Floridians just don't expect fog to do those kinds of things.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jacob's 4th Birthday 

Jacob turned 4 yesterday, and has been enjoying his birthday since Friday. We had a pirate party at the house for him and a few friends, it was lots of fun. All the kids seemed to have a great time and enjoyed themselves. The noise level was astounding, click here if you dare. This was in response to "who wants cake?", they are yelling "ich" which is "I" in German. Pretty funny, easier to laugh at now that my ears have stopped ringing. :) They were all really good children though, and behaved well. They were all so excited to be at a party!

On his actual birthday he celebrated his birthday at school, he wore the crown for the day and we brought chocolate chip cookies in for his class. Also some M&M treats for each child to take home. That evening he opened his present from the family and had a great time with that. We gave him a new sled so he is anxiously awaiting a snowfall so he can use it. He sits on it in the living room and makes "whoosh" noises.

Planning his party and an event at church has kept me so busy, but now things are pretty much done. I can just sit back and enjoy the Christmas season, which is always so beautiful here. We went to the Ansbach Christmas market over the weekend, and I hope to go to one or two more in the area before Christmas.

The birthday King!

partying with friends

Monday, December 05, 2005

Heidelberg Christmas Market 

Enjoying some cotton candy at the market, inbetween rides.

A giant candle pyramid at the Christmas Market. Normally you have these on your tabletop, this one was selling food from the base!

Heidelberg Christmas Market 

One of the rides Jacob went on, he was happy to be driving the train. He didn't want to just ride it, he had to be in the front to drive it.

view of Heidelberg castle from the town

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