Monday, December 19, 2005

Things have finally slowed down here, every day is not scheduled full like it has been the past month. We are enjoying the time, and not doing too much. Jacob had gotten a new sled for his birthday, and we were waiting for some snow to use it. Well, I guess he had been really wishing for snow, because it started Friday night and has been pretty steady since then. It would stop for a few hours, then start back up again. But everything looks so beautiful so it is nice. We went sledding Saturday and Sunday, and Jacob rode his sled to school today. They are able to sled when they play outside, which is what they did today. All the kids were having a great time out there, and the teacher too.

Kenny on the other hand had a slippery drive home from work, and isn't looking forward to tomorrow morning. The other day it was really cold and foggy, and the best way to describe it is that the fog would drop down and stick to the road, sidewalks, etc. It was so hard to walk, I was running some errands on post and could barely make it down the sidewalk. After a couple hours it warmed up a few degrees and then it was better, it was so strange. I wasn't expecting it to be so slippery, because it wasn't wet outside, just foggy. Now I know to beware of freezing fog. Us Floridians just don't expect fog to do those kinds of things.

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