Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Summer is here, again 

So, we had a really warm spring as well as a hot start to summer. Then it dropped to low temps, where we were wearing fleeces and jeans. All of a sudden (in one day) the temperatures shot back up to 90 degrees! I know our thermometer on the back patio reads warmer than actual, as it is mounted above some really hot paving stones. But it was showing over 100 today... that is really hot for Bavaria. Lucky for us, Kenny got an a/c from someone that was leaving Germany, and it is upstairs. It keeps our upstairs cool in the evenings, so we can all sleep better. Very nice to have these past few days.

Jacob was over visiting the neighbor's baby and returned with a bowl full of sweet cherries, fresh off the tree. They were so yummy, we had some just as a snack. Then I made the rest of them into a cherry pie/tart, not really sure what to call it. I didn't really follow a recipe, took some things from a few different recipes. Very tasty, especially with ice cream on top. Jacob took some over to the neighbors as a thank you for the cherries. Jacob would make a good UPS guy, he loves to deliver things.

You can see the pie is in some of my polish pottery. It was that time of year again, time for the annual run to Poland to pick up a few more items. It has somehow worked out that I go every summer. Must be the weather, longer daylight hours, etc. I went with a friend, and we drove up, shopped, and drove home in record time. It was very easy to shop with just one other person, not a lot of time waiting for your other shoppers to finish up. We are always so tired when we get home, but it's always a fun day. I got some new plates, coffee mugs, and a few other pieces. Not a ton of stuff, but that's okay. I already have a ton! Although nothing quite this big.

I read a lot of other blogs, some often and others every now and then. On one of them they were talking about bravery. It got me to thinking about what bravery is. I feel confident that I now know a little more of what bravery is. Many of the soldiers have left our post, and are headed to Iraq for the next year or so. We had a chance to say goodbye at friend's house last week, and it's hard to imagine they are leaving for so long. They aren't sad, moping and complaining. They are ready to do the job they are trained for, and ready to be in harms way to protect those that protest what they are doing. They are ready to do the missions they are instructed to do, to help people they don't know build a better life. I think that is definitely a characteristic of bravery. Not to mention the families left behind, ready to make things work for the next year without the "daddy" around to help out. Once again, an example of bravery. Not just because they are doing it, but because of the way they are doing it. Just my feelings on the subject!

Another Jacob funny -- he was talking about contests, and that he hadn't been in one. I told him that I used to do well in spelling contests in elementary school. His eyes were very big, and then he said "Real spells - like with a magic wand?" As much as I wanted to say yes, I told the truth and explained what the contest was about. He thought it was pretty dull story after that. It would have been a far more interesting if I would have stuck with the magic wand.

We are hoping to go away in couple weeks, just for a weekend. That should provide something more interesting to blog about... I hope.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July 

This is our forecast today – and it’s quite chilly! Maybe just about 60 degrees and quite windy. We still managed to have a nice day even with the non-summer weather. Jacob got a new book about America, and Kenny was home for the day. We went to the mall in Ansbach and had some Chinese food for lunch, and Jacob spent some of his hard earned allowance on a small toy. Now Kenny and Jacob are downstairs playing Wii and I am updating the blog. A nice relaxing day, who could ask for more?

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