Monday, August 09, 2004

We have been staying busy around here, going to the pool a lot, to the playground, and other fun stuff. Last week we went down to the market in Ansbach to get some fruit and veggies, and whatever else we could find. I put some pictures of it on the photo site, in the "everyday pics" section. Here is a link to that page. We got some great cheese down there that day, I'm going to have to visit that cart more often. He had all kinds of cheese from all over Europe. And he was very helpful as to what kind was strong/mild/for cooking etc. Kenny went fishing on Sunday, and Jacob joined him for a while. We tried to have a picnic but were chased away by the bees/wasps. We're not sure what they are but they are really bad this summer and hurt like crazy if they sting you. And the rest of the weekend was spent walking around the neighborhood or relaxing on the patio in the back yard.

Today we met some kids at the playground on post, and then had some lunch. On the way home Jacob and I stopped at the "self-cut" flower field and got some gladiolas for the house. They had a lot of sunflowers, Jacob liked running around in them. They towered over him so he thought that was cool. We have some that we grew in our garden at home, but just a few. And he's not allowed to run through our flower garden LOL. There are more photos of the flower field adventure on the photo site if you want to check them out. This week should be busy, nothing special but lots of small activities all week long. We are looking forward to a trip to an animal park on Friday with the ladies group from church, as long as it's not raining. We've got to get out and do as much as possible before winter gets here, and so far we haven't wasted a single sunny minute!

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