Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I finally got around to taking a picture of my window boxes this year, I got them planted a few weeks ago. I was going for a "red white and blue" theme, although it's a bit of a stretch to say that the purple flowers are blue. It was the best blue I could find at the store that day. They really are doing well, and we weighted them down with rocks in the bottom. Last year by the end of summer they were too top heavy and would fall off the windowsill every time there was a strong gust of wind. I like them much better this year as well, just nicer plants. You can refresh your memory of last year's flowers here if you want. Our tomatoes and peppers are coming along, not as great as we would have hoped. But we are holding out hope that they will give us some great tomatoes before winter starts again.

Our weather has really been fluctuating here, some days really warm, then some days are pretty cool. Right now we are in a warm spell, but not real sunny. A week ago we had a few days that were really cool, Jacob is wearing a coat in this picture.

This is the park that is just behind our house, it really needs some upkeep. But it has a swing and a slide, so Jacob still enjoys it. There are some really nice playgrounds on the military base, we often meet friends there to play. In fact, we are probably heading up there a little later today to do that.

Oh, and you can always click on a picture in the post to see it a little bigger, and a little clearer quality. Just in case you needed to know that!

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