Thursday, June 10, 2004

I have been gardening like crazy the past week or so, I have gotten flower boxes done for the windows. Also some hanging baskets for the back patio and some tomato plants in a big pot. Our lettuce is finally big enough to make some salads and my herb garden is coming along nicely. And the weather is finally hot enough that everything is growing, not just barely hanging on. Here is a shot of one of the window boxes, they all look basically the same. Red geraniums on the ends, a pink one in the middle, some little blue flowers and a silvery one to fill it in. Geraniums are "the" thing to plant here I have observed, everybody has at least one. And most have even more. There is a small bridge in the next town over that has flower boxes full of red geraniums hanging on it, really looks nice.

Do you like the curtains hanging in the window? They are my favorite ones in the house. Most of the curtain rods are mounted right on window frame so you can open the windows without fooling with your curtains. That way they don't block the air coming in either. If you would like to see those curtains up close you are in luck, they are hanging in the guest room. So come on over and visit and you can enjoy them too....

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