Sunday, August 12, 2007

Time Flies 

They say time flies when you are having fun -- so we must be having fun! Actually, just quite busy with lots of summer activities. Jacob is out of school for a few weeks so my usual blogging time is not available. We have been on the go, even before his school let out for the break.

One weekend we went to Playmobil Fun Park, all the life sized Playmobil toys you could ever want and more. They have added a minigolf course, and Jacob was very excited about that. It was a warm sunny day and we all really enjoyed ourselves. Jacob and Kenny pushed themselves around on raft in the pirate ship lagoon, and we visited most of the different areas. Searching for "gold" in the wild west and milking cows on the farm. (Playmobil cows - not real ones!) Then playing with all the toys, and finally off to the minigolf area. A fun day for everyone, and of course Jacob left with a new toy. He picked out a cowboy and indian set which is pretty cool. Teepees, horses, even a rattle snake to complete the scene. He has quite the collection of Playmobil toys now, almost enough to start our own Playmobil park at our house.

We also went to a park about an hour north of us called Geiselwind, it's an amusement park with some animals mixed in too. They had lots of fun rides for Jacob, and we also watched a diving show. The park has a bavarian theme, which made it pretty fun to read all the names of the rides. They even had a fest tent with plenty of beer and bratwurst, and a Bavarian Bear Music Show (like the Country Bear Jamboree at Disney, except in German). We had good weather, a few sprinkles but not too hot. The lines weren't too long, and we were able to see every bit of the park. It's really a nice little park, we had a really fun day.

Jacob also took a swimming course with some friends from school. They went Monday - Friday for two weeks, and Jacob really did well. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but it turned out okay. It appeared to be the "jump in and sink or swim" method, which I wasn't to sure of. The boys loved the teacher, he was really nice and let them have fun as well as learn. We were able to go on the last day and watch them show off their swimming skills which was fun. Everyone clapped and cheered each child on, and they all looked so proud.

So, that's what we've been up to. We also just got back from Garmisch and Mannheim, but I will have to save those pictures for another time.

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