Sunday, June 17, 2007

Our Home & Garden 

After living in a state of denial for a while, it really looks like we will be moving before the end of the summer. Probably to Mannheim, to a different way of life for sure. Wolframs-Eschenbach could define the term "sleepy little town", it is small and quiet. While not much goes on here, there is a lot of history and beauty to be found in it. It's been an official town for 675 years! As I said, lots of history. It also has that small town characteristic of everyone knowing everyone else. I am always known as "Jacob's mutti" to all the locals, and he is the little chatterbox that tells them everything they need to know. He lets them all know what we are up to, and afterwards I have to question him on what he said, since I only understand about half of his German conversations. Last night we went to a restaurant in town that we frequent, and he charged in announcing all of his news of the day. The waitress was happy to see him, and stopped what she was doing to listen to him. It is really nice to live in a town like that. I love this place, and love that Jacob has been able to spend some of his childhood here. We also were very blessed to find the house we are living in. Not only due to the neighborhood being so great, but the house itself. It's a little larger than we were looking for, but that has been nice. And the yard is a perfect size, not too big that it's too much work, but just enough work to be enjoyable. Especially this time of the year it requires some work, but it is really nice to sit back and look at it when we are done. I've been taking advantage of that, and spending as much time as possible on our back patio, enjoying the fruits of our labor! Here are some pics of my roses that are blooming beautifully in our front yard. Roses grow so easily here, just plant them and away they go....

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