Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rome - Part 3 

Saturday was our final day in Rome, we had a late flight out that night. We started out our day arranging for our airport transport, our hotel as usual was so helpful. They stored our bags and set up everything, and we were on our way. We walked to a church near our hotel that I didn't want to miss, due to the artifact they had as a centerpoint and a famous Michelangelo sculpture. The church was San Pietro in Vincoli (Saint Peter in Chains)and is not very impressive from the outside. The interior was very spacious and bright, with many amazing sculptures. Right in the center were the chains, there are two sets that are now connected together. These are said to be the chains that held Peter in Jerusalem (in the Bible, Acts 12:1-19) and chains that held him in prison in Rome at a later date. I don't know that as many people come to that church as some of the more famous ones in Rome, but I am glad we made the time.

It was a short walk back over to the Roman Forum, which was the center of ancient Rome. We wanted to look at it in more detail, as we had just walked through it the previous days. We saw some original bronze doors, and the place where Julius Caesar was cremated. Jacob had a good time climbing on everything, that will be his favorite memory of Rome I think --- "Rome, a great place to climb". He also enjoyed taking over camera duty a few times, this is one picture he took of us. We were examining the guide book to be sure we hadn't missed anything.

We continued touring some other sights around there, and then went to the Pantheon for a quick look. After that it was lunch, more pizza and pasta, excellent as usual. We still wanted to walk through the streets and check out some areas we hadn't been through, so that is how we spent our afternoon. Saw Trajan's Column, some very quaint little back streets, more ancient Roman ruins. Finally wandered back to the hotel about 6p.m. and the car was ready to take us to the airport. We had an exhilarating ride back to the airport, and a smooth flight back.

Rome was not at the top of our list of things we wanted to see, we almost went because we just felt like we "ought to" while we lived here. Now that we have gone I would highly recommend it, we loved it more than we thought we would. Now we want to go back, and see some more of it! It is definitely my favorite place in Italy that I have been, probably because of the ancient Rome sights.

If you want to see all the pictures we took, go to our photosite.

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