Monday, September 18, 2006

Garmisch details 

We had a really nice time in Garmisch, it was a relaxing getaway we all needed. We left Wednesday morning from our home and made it down there around lunch, of course eating at our favorite Italian restaurant in the world, Da Renzo. I think we ended up there three times this trip. Such quick service and tasty food, we love it. We checked into our room at the Edelweiss, it's such a convenient place to stay. The weather was good, and since we had only been seeing rain in Wolframs-Eschenbach we wanted to take advantage of the sunshine. We decided to do a small hike the hotel offers, but on our own instead of with a group. It's about 6 kilometers, and not too steep, with an easy to follow trail. The halfway point is at a hotel/cafe on the side of a small mountain, situated directly on a lake. A perfect place to enjoy a drink before continuing on our walk.

The trail then took us through some woods, and finally back down towards the hotel. Jacob found a stone that he carried the rest of the way down to our hotel, it's actually out in our garden now. He was very interested in collecting stones on our hikes, filling his pockets with them. When we were near the bottom of the trail we came across some cows wearing bells, very postcard looking. We tried to feed them some grass but since they were standing in a field of grass they weren't very interested. But we still got to listen to the cow bells!

We were tired and ready to relax, so we picked up some Subway sandwiches on the Army post and ate dinner on our balcony. We had a really nice view from our balcony, and the weather was perfect for sitting outside.

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