Sunday, August 13, 2006


Summer break has started, so I wanted to take Jacob somewhere fun while he was out of school. We decided to go to Playmobil Fun Park, which is close to our home. We went with two other Mom's and their children, giving us a total of 6 kids and 3 Moms. When we arrived at the park it was already very crowded at 10:30, and people just kept pouring in. I have been in August before, and have never seen it this crowded! It was absolutely crazy! Our children of course had a great time, they didn't seem bothered by all the people. Each child had a wristband on, with their name and our cell phone number, so in case we were separated we could be contacted. We thought we were going to have to use it a few times but luckily one mom or the other would have sight of everyone. The highlights for the kids were the farm area, where they could "milk" the life size Playmobil cows and of course climbing up in the barn and coming down the slide. They also enjoyed the indoor play area that has different sections with all the Playmobil toys. Where can you play with 6 Playmobil castles and accessories at the same time?

Then it was time to exit the park, which can only be done through the shop, which holds every Playmobil toy you can think of, plus bins of extra parts. Jacob had decided on a dragon, to go with some of his Vikings and Knights. But as usual there was just too much to look at. He really wanted something from the new "Roman" set, but couldn't settle for a smaller toy. He only wanted this, the arena so we had to move on to something else. It's really cool but who has room for an arena, not to mention the price! Finally he came upon this, a forest guy in a tree stand, with a lot of animals to play with. We made our escape from the crowds and headed home after that. We are planning to go back again in a few weeks and hopefully the crowds will have died down a bit!

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