Thursday, August 17, 2006

Kindergarten Fest 

This is something from over a month ago that I never got around to blogging. At the end of June Jacob's school has a sommerfest that is a fundraiser for the school, as well as a great show by the kids. Last year Jacob had been practicing and getting ready, and ended up with chicken pox a couple days before. Needless to say we missed out, so we were even more excited this year! The theme this year was how time flies, and each room had something from the olden days, and something modern. Jacob's class had a group of kids washing clothes on old washboards to a nice song, and then Jacob was part of the group that were dressed as washing machines. They had the cutest song all about washing machines, and they did a dance on the stage and waved soap bottles. It was really cute, and Jacob was not shy at all on the stage. We of course taped it, and I have a DVD but it is "german spec" so you can only watch it on our DVD player here. Our pictures came out okay, but not too great just due to the way the stage is set up. Here he is starting to perform. He really looked happier than the picture makes him look!

The menu had bratwurst, pork steaks, gyros, salad plates for lunch. Plenty of beer and soda, and dessert. There is a huge sign up sheet and everyone is expected to help out. I worked at the cake and coffee stand for 1 1/2 hours, mistakenly thinking that would be pretty easy. I know the words for coffee and cake in german, right? Well I didn't think about the fact there would be 20-30 cakes, homemade and all different kinds. Also, people came up and started talking about who knows what, I just wanted them to point at which cake they wanted. There were plenty of us working, so I put myself over by the coffee pouring area, that was much easier. Amazingly people wanted coffee, it was absolutely sweltering that day.

They had a few activities for the children to do, a bouncing house and face painting. (Jacob will not get his face painted, he has been asked so many times and always says no. During the World Cup festivities the teachers were painting the children's faces with flags or team colors and he never wanted it.) There was also a "museum" set up with all kinds of antique items that people brought in. I helped set it up the day before, and there were so many neat things in there. Some of the old photos were really cool too, I enjoyed looking through everything as we set it up.

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