Sunday, June 11, 2006


We had a great time in London, it was a lot of fun. We saw so much in the days we were there, everything that we had planned to see. The weather was okay, we had a little rain each day but never too much that we couldn't get around with our rain coats on.

We left from Germany on Thursday night, and it was a short flight to London Stansted Airport. There is a train that runs from the airport to Liverpool Station in the center of London, so we took that. From there we grabbed a taxi to our hotel, and got settled in for the next few days. The cabs are so cool there, they are the "black cabs" that you see in movies. They look like the PT Cruisers people drive in the U.S. The back area is huge, with a regular seat and some fold down seats. There are tons of cabs, it was never a problem to find one wherever we were.

Friday morning we woke up and headed for the Tower of London. We decided to walk so we could see some sights on the way, our path led along the Thames river towards the Tower bridge. We first went to look around a bit, and viewed the crown jewels. Then we joined a tour by one of the guards, also known as a "Beefeater". That was very good, they are very entertaining. After the tour we went into the main building, the white tower. There were many displays in there of old weapons, armor, etc. Jacob enjoyed seeing those things, and they had some hands on displays he could do.

When we finished up at the Tower we grabbed some lunch and headed for St Paul's Cathedral. Again we decided to walk, and see as much as possible. We passed by a monument to the destruction of the great fire of London, and many Starbucks. By the time we got to the cathedral Jacob was asleep, and he slept through all of it. It is such a beautiful and huge cathedral, with so much to see. There is a foot bridge leading across the Thames river very close to the cathedral, so we made our way across the bridge and wandered around back to our hotel. We weren't there too long, and decided to go out and find some Fish and Chips. Jacob had been wanting them since we were on the airplane, so we found a casual restaurant that offered them. Then it was back to the hotel for a good nights sleep.

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