Wednesday, June 14, 2006

London -Saturday 

We set out Saturday morning to the Westminster Underground station, and started a walking tour from one of our books. We were right next to Big Ben (as Jacob calls it, "my old friend Ben") and the Parliament buildings. Around the corner from there is Westminster Abbey, so we joined the line to get in there. The church was so crowded, and we were there quite early. We took a while to see everything and even so I'm sure we missed out on some of the sights in the church. We saw as we were leaving Westminster that the line was twice as long to get in! We continued on our walking tour, it took us through a park towards Buckingham Palace, where we saw a bit of the Changing of the Guard ceremony. We took a break at a playground in the park where Jacob was delighted that everyone spoke English. I heard him talking to lots of people as he was trying out all the equipment. We then walked down the other side of the park, along the street you see in all the royal processions. At the end of that street we saw some more of the Guards. The horses were a little feisty, but the guards were not!
We were really close to Tralfagar Square at that point, so we took a look at that and then headed on for Piccadilly Circus. This area is full of shops, food and people, it is very entertaining. We went to Planet Hollywood for lunch, we were all starving by then. It was as good at Planet Hollywood ever is, we have visited quite a few of them. Our day was not over yet, we went on to the British Museum after lunch. This museum is much like the Louvre in Paris. You could spend days looking at everything. We went through and saw some highlights that we were interested in, and the things along the way to those items. One highlight we saw was the
Rosetta Stone, it was a very popular exhibit. By the end of our time in the museum we were so tired, we had really walked all over London. We grabbed some sandwiches and took the underground back to our hotel, ate dinner in the room and went to bed.

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