Wednesday, June 21, 2006

London - Monday 

So it was our last day in London and we still had plenty to see! We started out by going to see Trafalgar Square, and having some Starbucks on the way. Jacob had gotten a book about London and we wanted to be sure to see all the sights in the story, so that was one we hadn't seen. We checked it out for a while, managed to keep Jacob out of the fountains and then hopped on the underground again. We were off to the Natural History Museum. This was one of the highlights of our trip, it was so much fun. It's been a while since we have been in a museum that we can understand everything, not having to try and translate it all. There was plenty for Jacob to do, and even a "real" T Rex to look at. (It growled and snorted at us!) The building that was built for the museum was really neat also, so many details in every bit of the architecture.

We were close to Harrod's Department Store, so we decided to stroll over and have a look. We looked around a little bit, a pretty amazing store. Very crowded and overdecorated, but I guess that is the point. We were ready for something to eat,so we grabbed something and then went back to the hotel, to start packing up to go home early the next morning. Kenny went on a walking tour that evening that he really enjoyed, it was with London Walks. He went on the "Jack the Ripper" tour, guided by a guy that is "the" authority on Jack the Ripper. We will definitely take some of their other tours if we get back to London, they have so many. And all you do is show up, and start walking! While he did that Jacob and I hung out at the hotel and got everything ready for the next morning, we had to leave early to catch our flight back to Germany!

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