Monday, May 08, 2006

Long time 

As usual time just flies by and I realize I haven't posted in ages. Things have been pretty busy here, between church and home. Also, the weather has been great so we are always outside! Really - if it is warm and sunny we stay outside.

So, I will back up a bit to the Saturday before Easter. We took a trip to
Legoland Deutschland, about 1 1/2 hours away. The weather was okay that day, not too cold and no rain. There were plenty of rides that Jacob could go on, and we only missed out on a few. There were of course plenty of lego sculptures, they were a lot of fun to look at. An entire section of miniature cities built from Legos. We watched a show about some silly pirates that was pretty good, and then a 3-D movie starring Lego people. We expected them to speak german in the Lego movie, but we think they were speaking Lego - whatever that is. There were life-size Lego sculptures throughout the park, this is our favorite one.

We couldn't believe they had a Lego dog just like our Sammy, and it was stealing some food from a cooler. Jacob got a big kick out of it, so we had to take a picture. There were plenty of other fun things, if you want to see more go to the Legoland album of our photo site. There are also some new photos in the "everyday pics" album.

The next day was Easter and we stayed home and enjoyed the day together. Jacob hunted for eggs and played with some new toys, and we made Easter dinner. It was a yummy dinner and there is still ham in the freezer. It was also nice to just hang out. Kenny is still working a lot and we were quite happy he was off on Saturday and Sunday.

Our tulips are blooming like crazy, they look great. I will post some pictures of them in the next few days.

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