Thursday, April 13, 2006

Easter fun 

This is what Jacob brought home from school after their Easter party on Wednesday. It's a jump rope inside - such a cute idea! The bottom is a beer coaster from the local brewery, and the top a toilet paper tube.

They have been staying busy with Easter songs and games, decorating eggs and eating them too. We decorated eggs here one day last week when one of Jacob's friends was over. We will probably do it again today or tomorrow, depending on what else we have planned. Jacob is off of school for Good Friday and Easter Monday, so we can fill up that time with something fun. Kenny of course has to work, but we are hopeful he will have Saturday off, so he can get a break from work.

Jacob is looking forward to the Easter bunny, and he has a very matter-of-fact attitude about the Easter story. He heard it recently at church and told me "Did you know Mommy why we have Easter? Because Jesus died but then he came back to life. The teacher didn't say anything about the bunny though"

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