Friday, March 03, 2006

False Alarm 

Last week we had some really nice weather, the sun was shining and all the snow melted. That was around the time we had the parade, and it seemed like spring might be getting closer. Singing birds, sprouts of plants, all that stuff. Well, it was just a tease. The snow has been falling off and on all week! Right now it is switching between snow, slush, and rain. I didn't shovel the walk today, just because. Hopefully enough of the rain will fall to melt some of the snow on the front sidewalk so I don't have to try to scrape it off tomorrow.

Fasching is officially over, it ended on Tuesday. The kids had a big party, and last week I went to Jacob's school for a "Pirate Breakfast". I'm trying to get some of the video clips edited down so I can share them on here. The kids sang some songs and we all ate breakfast together, it was a lot of fun.

Kenny has been working in Mannheim, for the past couple weeks, but he is back now. He will be working in Illesheim again, so that is good. Jacob has really missed him and so have I. We have stayed quite busy to pass the time, but the days get long when you can't play outside!

Tonight we went to eat at the Alte Vogtei. It is in our town and is very good. The menu changes often but so far we haven't had a bad meal there. If you go to their web page there is a box in the left upper corner that says "zur tour". Click on it and it will show you pictures of all the different rooms. It is a really beautiful building, one of my favorites in town. We always stand across from it during the parades for some reason, so you have already seen it in the background of my pictures.

No big plans for the weekend, Kenny is working tomorrow and it is supposed to keep snowing. Our women's group at church is having a luau on Tuesday, so that has been keeping me really busy. We have all the decorations ready, now I am working on a presentation for the program. It should be really fun, we will pretend we are in the tropics!

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