Monday, February 20, 2006


On Sunday our town had their Fasching parade, and Jacob was in the parade. He was with his kindergarten, and had a great time. They were all dressed as pirates, and we have a few more festivities for Fasching where he can wear his costume. This costume has gotten so much use, since he used it at Halloween and also to play in. We keep adding things and changing things, but it was nice to have what we needed already. Fasching is basically southern Germany's version of carnival, which we have as Mardi Gras in the U.S. Here is a lengthy definition of it if you are interested. For sure it is a good time! Lots of candy and treats thrown out for the kids, and they are also handing out shots of liquor and cups of beer. For such a small town as we live in, it was an impressive parade. Two marching bands, lots of floats. I put pictures of the parade on the photo album site - click here to check them out. (Did you forget we had that?) Jacob had a really good time, and at a certain point on the parade route the floats made a u-turn. So he was able to see everything that was in the parade. His favorite was the dragon float of course!

We had some friends over to watch the parade and eat dinner, it was a really nice day. The weather was great for the parade, dry and the sun was out. Of course it was still cold, but that is not so bad when the sun shines. Today (Monday) Kenny was off of work so we hung out and took care of a few errands while Jacob was at school. Then for some reason we were invaded by kids this afternoon, as soon as one left another would show up. Jacob fell right to sleep as soon as he got in bed, he was worn out!

We have rescheduled our London trip for Memorial Day weekend, we are hoping to make it this time. It always depends on Kenny's schedule, and what kind of workload they have at the time. That is our main trip that we have planned, we haven't decided on what smaller trips yet. I of course want to go see the tulips in Holland again, but we might skip it and see something else. Maybe Austria or Prague. We have been to both already, but it was a long while ago. I'm sure we will come up with something.

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