Sunday, February 12, 2006

Back in the habit... 

It's been while, but time to get back in the habit of blogging again. We had a pretty hectic week, starting with last sunday. On the way home we hit a hawk, a big hawk. It snapped off our passenger side mirror on the Toyota, and bent the antenna into a question mark shape. As it was happening we both thought it was going to come through the window at us. We took some photos and then Kenny duct taped it back on, since it was still attached by the cable that moves the mirror. When I reported it to the insurance company I found out that we had to file a police report since we collided with an animal, according to German law. Also, next time I should be sure to take a picture of the dead animal. (We didn't do that) So I added going by the military police station to my list of things to do. I went by there the next morning, and told my tale of the big bird, much to the amusement of the MP's. But they said my report was easier to deal with than the guy that was in earlier, who thought that there were people out to kill him.

I had quite a bit going on with church throughout the week, and Jacob had some appointments and things. We had a birthday party to go to, and I also had a "Stampin' Up" workshop at the house. (That was a lot of fun) One of our dogs also had to go to the vet for some problems she has been having. They got her all set with some meds, but also suggested that she drink a certain kind of tea to help with her kidneys. I haven't tried it yet, but I think the little dog is going to have problems handling a tea cup. Oh, and they told me about yet another type of tea I can use to clean out her ears. Lots of uses for tea around here! But it's nice to be able to use something as simple as tea to remedy an ailment, instead of some $50 drug.

Over the last days of the week we had a lot of snow, it was just falling steadily. It piled up quite a bit, and we seem to have fallen off the snowplow's "to do" list. On Friday I took Jacob's sled to kindergarten and pulled him home on that, instead of driving. We stopped by the duck pond to say hi to the ducks, they have a limited space to swim in due to the ice. It has stopped snowing, but it is still freezing so the snow is not melting yet. We think the plow finally came through, but now there is a frozen layer that won't come off. As it warms up a little and people keep driving on it will slowly start to melt. It's not even that slippery, it's just packed snow. We had a good time playing in the snow, even the dogs ran around. Heidi enjoys it, the other too barely tolerate it. It was fun to play in this weekend, but I'm hoping it will start to melt soon.

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