Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Snow has arrived 

We have had our first snow, and the second, and the third! Over the past week and a half it has been snowing off and on, the most we got at one time was about 8-10 cm one night. Jacob has been wanting to do all the winter stuff possible, he is really enjoying the snow this year. At kindergarten the children bring their sleds and play outside in the snow. There is a small hill that they sled down and everyone has so much fun! We also make use of the hill in the playground behind us, it's short but Jacob will sled down it all day if you let him.

Kenny is working in Mannheim right now, a pretty busy schedule. They even worked on Thanksgiving! He only makes it home one day a week, and last week Jacob and I decided to go see him instead. We spend Kenny's day off at the Heidelberg Christmas market. It was really nice, not as hectic as the N├╝rnberg Christmas Market. I will put some pictures up of it in the next couple days. We ate at a really good Chinese restaurant near Kenny's hotel, and even looked around Ikea while Jacob played in the kid's area. A nice day together, and we are looking forward to when he is finished with the project over there.

I've been busy trying to get my Christmas mailing done, they have deadlines posted all over the base telling you to get your stuff mailed ASAP. Or it won't be there for Christmas! Other than that Jacob and I are staying busy planning his pirate birthday party and looking forward to Christmas. I'm sure I have more things to post but just can't think of them now, maybe when I get back on to put the pictures on I will remember...

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