Friday, November 04, 2005


I'm finally posting this, I just don't have the free time to post lately. Kay, Richard and Nancy arrived into Munich airport and they never stopped after that... I can honestly say they made the most of every minute they were here!

The very next day I had a board meeting at Chapel so I dropped them off in Ansbach with some Euros and directions to a good cafe. A few hours later I picked them up and they had a great time just checking out the altstadt (old town) and even made it over to the mall. We also took them to our latest favorite Greek restaurant, we had taken my Mom there too when she was here. They enjoyed it also, it is just so good. Friday night we (Kay, Richard, Nancy, and myself) left on our bus tour to Paris, which was quite the adventure. Things were going well until the bus broke down and we waited all night for it to get fixed! We missed our first 1/2 day in Paris, which was quite the bummer. But our tour guide was great and did his best to catch us up on as much as possible. We had a really fun french dinner with the group, complete with entertainment. If you click on the picture of me and Kay at dinner you can see a short video of our entertainment.

After that we saw some of the sights lit up at night and went on Seine river cruise. Finally up to the top of the Eiffel Tower for a look around. The tower "twinkles" all over every hour in the evening, it's really beautiful. After all that it was time to get to bed, I don't even remember the time. I just know it was late!

The next morning we went out to the Palace of Versailles and toured through there, it is always amazing to see the riches of the Kings from so long ago. Everything is so lavish and ornate. Our tour took us back into Paris after that, and we did some shopping and then went to the Louvre for a fast tour. We just picked a few items in the Louvre we wanted to see and made our way to them, there just wasn't enough time. We had an excellent lunch at a cafe by the Louvre, we would have loved to linger there a little longer. Here's a picture I snapped of the cafe, so I could come back another time!

But our bus was waiting right up the street, so we had to run! Then it was off to see Napoleon's tomb and see a few more sights from the bus, as well as hear a little info and history about Paris. Then we were on our way back home! Talk about fast, just thinking back it really was rushed.

There is so much to see in Paris, this was like reading the summary on the back of a book. Kenny and I have been a couple times, and going on this trip made me want to go back again. On our own with a good tour book, and an underground (subway) pass! So we could take it a little slower. We had a good time, and I do think that it was a good way for them to see Paris along with all the other things they wanted to do.

More to come.... This was just the first 5 days of their visit!

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