Saturday, November 12, 2005

Continued - Part 2 

So, we arrived very late at night from the Paris trip so the next day was spent recuperating. I think this is the night we went downtown to Ansbach for döners, at our usual place.

The next day they took the train to Rothenburg o.d. Tauber, which is a must see while you are in Germany. I had church in the morning, and then that evening I meet with a small home group for a bible study. It worked out well, and they did great on the train. Even changed once and had no mishaps! They spent all day and it sounded like they had a wonderful time. The following day I took the train with them to Nürnberg, we saw a few sights on the way to Starbucks. After coffee I headed back home so I could get Jacob from school, and left them with a guide book. Once again they fared quite well on their own, I picked them up at the train station with their bags full. (Some serious shoppers!)

We left a couple days later for Garmisch, which is about a 3 hour drive from Wolframs-Eschenbach. Kenny, Jacob and I have been to Garmisch quite a few times, but were excited to go back! It is so beautiful down there, and we have never been when the fall colors were out. We stayed at the Edelweiss hotel, which is run by the Armed Forces. Isn't it beautiful?

It is a new (opened last year) resort hotel that was so beautiful! I had heard both good and bad things about it, and wasn't sure what to expect. I thought it was great, especially for our group. They were able to take bus day tours directly from the hotel each morning, and really enjoyed themselves. One day they went to Berchtesgaden and the salt mines, another day they toured Neuschwanstein and made a couple shopping stops. They also went to the top of the highest mountain in Germany, the Zugspitze. For details and pictures of everything they did and saw you will have to check with Kay or Nancy, they are practically finished with their albums. Realize that we arrived Friday evening, and left early Tuesday morning! So they accomplished quite a bit in that little time, I get tired just typing about it.

We also stayed busy while they were out touring the sights, in a more relaxed way. Kenny went with them on Saturday, but was with Jacob and I on Sunday and Monday. We made use of the indoor pool and outdoor hot tub at the hotel every morning. Then both days we rode cable cars up various peaks and enjoyed the views. It was a little hazy this day, but you can get an idea of the changing fall colors.

There are usually cafes up there, one day we took some sandwiches and had a picnic. We of course had a run on the rodelbahn, and went to our favorite italian restaurant, Da Renzo. Another highlight was going to a hockey game Sunday night, it was great! We saw the hometeam, SC Riessersee play the Ratinger Ice Aliens. Whenever the home team scored this one section raised a banner, cheered and banged on drums. Jacob was really getting into it by the end of the game. Click here for a short clip of the festivities. We usually ate dinner together every night at the hotel, and caught up on what everyone did that day.

On Tuesday it was time to check out, and then we dropped Kay, Richard and Nancy off at the airport. They flew out of Munich, which is directly on the way home. After making sure they were checked in then we headed back to Wolframs-Eschenbach, to a quiet and empty home.

So -- whose coming next to visit? If all that doesn't make you want to come I don't know what would!

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