Monday, October 03, 2005

Falling further behind 

Well, we got Mom safely back to Florida, and are ready to pick up Kay, Richard and Nancy (friends from Tennessee) on Wednesday. But I don't have time to write any posts! I have pictures from Holland, and notes from Mom's visit. We had a nice time, and a fun trip to Holland. Spent a day at the zoo (surprising isn't it? I'm sure you would have never guessed we went to a zoo) with my Aunt and Uncle, and took the train into Amsterdam. We have two trips planned in the next two weeks, and I'm sure I'll take more pictures. I can't keep up!!!!

I have been busy with church, we have been having a great time with our Women's group. I have been doing the "programs" which is a monthly special event, instead of our normal studies. Tomorrow is another one, so I have been working on the decorations, activities, guest speaker while Mom was here. I can't seem to find a spare moment, and when I do I'm usually so tired I just go to bed :)

Jacob is doing fine, we are almost out of bike riding season. It is getting pretty cool, especially in the mornings. So some days we bike ride to school, and other days we walk. And if it's raining, we go in the car, much to his dismay. Jacob has been busy at kindergarten, cooking and celebrating the fall harvest. He has decided to be a pirate for Halloween, so that should be fun. He wears the costume almost every day, and uses couch cushions for a boat.

Kenny has been fishing every chance he gets, soon the lake will freeze and then there will be now more fishing I guess. He did pretty well on Saturday, he caught 3 trout. One was pretty big, the whole catch was almost 3 kilos. The weather was miserable, but he enjoyed it. Jacob and I showed up near the end, and Jacob hung out to watch all the guys clean the fish. (I found some other things to do!)

Soon, I will catch up, I promise. So if anyone is still reading in the next couple weeks, it should become a little more interesting.

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