Sunday, August 14, 2005

Still here! 

Time just gets away from me, especially without Kenny here. By the time Jacob goes to bed, I'm not too far behind him! We are all doing fine, staying really busy. We have had lots to do with the women's group at church, getting ready for our Fall Bible Study to start. Also, trying to do some fun things while Jacob is out of school for these few weeks. We went to the Deutsche Bahn Train Museum (in Nürnberg) with some friends last week. The kids of course enjoyed the room with all the toy trains, but they did show some interest in some of the other exhibits also. It was a nice museum, not real big, but the right size for all of us. Of course while in Nürnberg we had some lunch, and then made the obligatory stop at Starbucks. Another day we went to Playmobil Park, which Jacob finds to be better every time. Mainly because as he gets bigger and stronger he can do more things there.

Jacob started swimming lessons today, at in indoor pool a few towns over. It seems really good, he is already becoming more confident in the water. It is at an indoor pool of course, since the weather is still too cool for the outside pools. Nice and warm and steamy in there, very pleasant. It starts rather early, 8am, but then we still have time to do some other things during the day.

Kenny is doing fine, I talk to him for a few minutes almost every day. He is finally at the repair site, but of course they are missing parts. So he is slowly getting the job done, as soon as he is done he can come on home. The conditions are pretty good there, sleeping in air conditioned trailers and plenty of choices for food. Taco Bell, Popeye's Fried Chicken, Subway, Burger King and of course the military dining facility. He actually has more choices than we do on our base here! He said it's much nicer than when he went to Afghanistan in Dec 2002.

I can't post any pictures, Kenny took the camera with him. So, I'm back to using my regular 35mm camera. Jacob can't understand why he can't see the picture on it, and how are we going to get them out of the camera. I think he only sees the pictures on the computer, so he doesn't know there is a whole other process for photos. A child of technology I guess.

That's all for now, sorry for the slow posts but nothing too blogworthy has come up lately.

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