Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Rain rain go away! 

Jacob went back to kindergarten yesterday, he was so excited!  He spent a lot of time with me at church the past few weeks, attending the children’s classes they provide while the adults meet for church, study etc.  I asked him which he preferred, playing with the English speaking kids at church or the German speaking kids at kindergarten.  He was very certain and said he liked kindergarten better.  So at least he has tried both options, and I know which one he likes the best.

Wolframs-Eschenbach had their Kirchweih fest (a fest celebrating the church, although there is nothing religious about it) over the past weekend.  We spent some time there, Jacob rode some of the rides and we had some bratwurst.  They have the same 3 rides every year I think, but they are lots of fun for the kids.  It’s a small fest, but it’s a small town!  We had to time our visits between the rainstorms, it has been raining so much.  The rivers and creeks are overflowing, it’s much worse in southern Bavaria, and Austria.  The roads that are near the water have the “hochwasser” (high water) signs up, so they are prepared for that.  It seems to have eased up, so maybe it will start to dry up in the next few days.

Due to the rain we are overrun with slugs and snails.  The slugs are really big (I think), usually 2-4 inches long and a reddish brown.  Yuck!  They were trying to get our tomatoes, but Jacob alerted me to the problem and we got them off.  We have had some cherry tomatoes ripen, and they have been quite tasty.  Our larger tomatoes are coming along, but really need some sun to get them ripe.

Kenny is doing fine in Iraq, sounds like he has finally gotten all the parts he needs.  That means (hopefully) that he will be home really soon!

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