Friday, July 22, 2005

I get great delight from browsing the free tracking service I have on my blog. It doesn't give me a lot of info about each of you, but it does show me how people arrive at my blog. For example, if they come to the blog by searching for something on Yahoo, it shows me that, as well as what they were searching for. Also, I can sort the number of visitors by time zone, language, internet domain and some other parameters. But by far the most interesting is what people have searched for and found us! Some examples of what has been typed in a search and led someone to our blog:

These are all pretty normal things, I saved the best for last. Not sure exactly how we fit into this one, but somewhere most of these words are in one of my posts.....

When I ran a search for this, we didn't come up. So thankfully, there are other sites out there that match that better, and mine is no longer one of the options.

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