Monday, July 04, 2005

falling behind 

I seem to have really gotten behind on my blogging, not that there is that much exciting going on. But I do have a few things that I would like to get on here! Jacob is over his chicken pox (a.k.a. windpocken in German), and it really wasn't too bad. I don't think he had it as bad as some kids, and his doctor treated it differently than we do in the U.S. No baths, only a quick shower every 3 days. It seems like that helped the pox dry out and heal more quickly than if they were getting 2-3 baths everyday. So, anyway, on Friday he got a clean bill of health from the doctor so he was able to return to kindergarten today. We had no special 4th of July plans so he did go, no reason to stay home. ( We had a trip to Verdun planned for the weekend, but between Jacob and the dog we decided to postpone it)

Last week Heidi (our fuzzy dog) also had to go to the vet, she was diagnosed with bladder stones. She had to have surgery immediately, and then they also found that her heart is not so good. She seems to be healing from the surgery now, and we will learn more about her heart on Friday when she gets her stitches out. We thought she was our healthiest dog, so we were quite surprised by the turn of events with her. We have the stones, the vet gave them to us. Not quite sure what we are going to do with them, except perhaps being amazed at how large and how many there are.

So, all these doctor/vet trips, plus we had some other appointments scheduled that week that we couldn't change, added up to a busy week. I have to get downstairs now and finish up my Bible study that I should have been working on all week, since we meet tomorrow! So, I promise to post soon a picture of my pottery and some other things.

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