Tuesday, July 19, 2005

All are well! 

Well, the pox are all gone, the dog is better from her surgery, and things are back to normal (whatever that is!). It seems like this went on for a while, although it probably just seemed that way to me. Kenny was able to return to work on Monday, although he has one more recheck with the doctor on Friday.

We went to see Madagascar over the weekend, at Cineworld, a german movie theater in W├╝rzburg. They usually have 3-4 movies playing in "orginal version", that is where Kenny went to see the latest Star Wars movie. It's very nice, stadium seating and lots of theaters. We reserved our seats online the day before, you are given an assigned seat. Doing it online we were able to pick out exactly where we wanted to sit and not have to figure that out at the ticket counter. The snack bar is the same, although you have a choice of salty or sweet popcorn. (We stuck with salty!) The movie was okay, Jacob enjoys any movie with lots of talking animals. A nice Saturday afternoon for sure.

Jacob only has a little more than a week of kindergarten left, then he will be out for almost 3 weeks. It will be his summer vacation, a rest from all the hard work they do at kindergarten :)
We are planning lots of fun stuff for him to do, like go to Playmobil Park, and the pool.

We cooked out on the grill over the weekend, everything came from little supermarket up the road. (We were feeling pretty lazy!) Pre-seasoned pork steaks, bratwurst, and pre-made potato salad. It was very yummy on a hot summer afternoon.

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