Thursday, June 09, 2005

Part 2 of Holland Trip 

We woke up Sunday morning to another beautiful day, the sun was shining but it wasn't too hot. Our plans that day were to go to the zoo in Emmen, Dierenpark Emmen, which was just a short car ride away. We ate some breakfast and then headed for the zoo, it was really easy to find. Along the way we saw plenty of sheep, horses and cows in the fields. Jacob was getting really good at spotting them and telling us which side they were on, right or left. The zoo is divided into two areas, one is in the middle of the town, and the newer section is about a 10 minute walk on an elevated walkway. We went to the newer section first, which isn't really that big yet. There was a great exhibit of penguins, set up like their natural habitat in Peru. They were right next to us, and some even escaped! Jacob was able to catch up to one of the escapees and touch it, while another little girl picked one of them up. Jacob wanted to pick one up and take it with him, but we told him it probably wasn't a good idea. I had no idea penguins could be so tame!

There was also a huge exhibit about water and the earth, which was really well done. There were a few smaller exhibits, and then we walked on over to the original section of the zoo. The walk takes you through a shopping mall, with indoor and outdoor areas. And then there is the zoo, in the middle of it all. It was pretty large, and so nice. One of the nicest zoos we have seen, everything looked so great. There was a butterfly house that was really pretty, and an aviary. Jacob was very interested in the porcupine, it was one of his favorites that day.

We had a snack at one of the restaurants, and Jacob enjoyed all the playgrounds there. Finally we had seen everything and we headed back to Centerparcs. Jacob napped and then it was time for dinner. We tried the "Mexican night" at one of the restaurants in the park, it was okay. A little expensive, but good service and an area for Jacob to play in while we waiting for our food. Then we hurried back to the bungalow, changed into our swimsuits and went for another swim before bed.

The next morning we packed up, returned our bikes and our keys and headed back to Germany. We took our time, and drove through some of the Dutch countryside, admiring the homes. There are some pictures of one of our favorites over on the photo site. It took a long time coming home, there was more traffic and also some rain. But we made it, and although we were tired we really had a nice time. It was nicer than staying at a hotel I think, more to do and more relaxing. I hope we have a chance to go try another one, but there are so many things we want to do!

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