Sunday, June 26, 2005

Funny kid 

Quote of the weekend:
"Is Starbucks where Darth Vader lives?"

Jacob has a habit of saying something pretty funny every day. Lately he has, of course, seen the Star Wars hype all over, and Kenny has told him the names of some of the characters. He has a few years before he's actually going to watch it, but he seems to be really impressed by Darth Vader. So yesterday I was updating Kenny that a Starbucks was opening that very day in Clarksville Tenn, and of course Jacob was listening. (He is always listening, even when you think he isn't!) I guess he heard the "Star" part and just figured that might be where he lives. After he thought about it, he remembered that Starbucks was where Mommy went to get coffee, but he was still wondering about running into Darth Vader there!

Jacob has the chickenpox, so we will be hanging around the house for the next week. I was going to post a picture of him and his spots, but decided against it. Needless to say, he's pretty spotted but doing fine. So far not too uncomfortable, and we're hoping it stays that way.

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