Friday, June 03, 2005

Back from Holland 

We made it back from our weekend trip, arriving home Monday evening. It was a wonderful weekend, the weather was beautiful. We really enjoyed the bungalow park, there was so much to do there. Since we've been home there has been lots to do around the house and yard, so I haven't had much time to sit in front of the computer.

We left Friday at lunch, and made the drive up to Dalen, in the Netherlands. We arrived and picked up the keys to the bungalow, it is a huge place. On a couple lakes, with lots of trees to make it feel more natural. We were in number 227, they ranged from 100's to 900's! We unloaded and got settled in, it was pretty roomy. We had two bedrooms, one bathroom, kitchen/dining area, and a living room. Also a patio, overlooking an inlet of the lake. Complete with a bird family living in the eave over the patio. Here is one of the parents, we couldn't see the babies, but we could hear them.

The neighbor from the next bungalow was out fishing, so Kenny found out about fishing while we were there. He was able to use his German fishing license to fish anywhere in the park, so that was fun for him. Jacob also fed the ducks before bed, the first of many times feeding the ducks.

We finally all settled in and went to bed, and Jacob was up bright and early the next morning. After breakfast he went out back and was trying to feed the ducks some grass, and fell right in the lake. It was pretty bad, he was covered from head to toe in stinky mud. So he started the day with a shower to try and get him all cleaned up again. We went and picked up our bikes from the "cycle center" and looked around a little. They have a raccoon refuge there, so we went to see them. They are raccoons that used to be house pets, but then people didn't want them anymore. (My aunt found this out for us, we knew they were not native to Holland.) A little while later my aunt and uncle arrived for a visit. We had a nice time, and enjoyed lunch together. Jacob showed off his trike riding skills for them, and all of his toys he brought. He went to take a nap, and they left to go back home to Enschede, about an hour from where we were. After his nap, we went for a bike ride around the complex, it is really fun to ride bikes there. The bikes are really tall, I felt like I had to leap off when I was stopping. I noticed all the bikes here are like that, where I can't touch the ground when I am sitting. But those were especially tall, so it was always fun to stop the bike. I enjoyed the fact that they only had one gear, and coaster brakes. But that's all you need, it's so flat.

Then we ate some dinner, and went to the indoor pool. It really is more like a small water park, it has a few different pools and some slides also. Jacob had a great time swimming, we all did. Since it was evening it wasn't very crowded, and we tried out almost everything they had at the pools. Then we went back and went to bed, we were all really tired from our busy day.

I will post the rest of the trip later... just had to at least get it started!

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