Sunday, June 19, 2005

another zoo trip 

Last Sunday we woke up to really nice weather and decided to drive about an hour to Wildpark Bad Mergentheim. It is a nice zoo, Jacob and I had been last year around this time. If you haven't noticed, we really enjoy going to the zoo. Seems like all of us always have a good time, so it's the perfect outing. This one has more local animals than exotic, in a very natural setting. Lots of woods and quiet paths, and also lots of play areas. We took our time walking along, seeing all the animals. We saw the end of a show about farm animals, and Jacob really liked this part.

The goats were pulling a wagon with another goat inside it, and Jacob thought it was hysterical. Later on the goat got out and some chickens got in, but for some reason that was not as funny. Just at the end of the zoo there was a pen you could go in to pet and feed some deer. It was really pretty fun, but the deer would practically mug anyone that put money into the feeder machine. Just after I snapped this picture Jacob turned around and was quite surprised. He let out a scream, but then started laughing. If you click on the picture, you can see a short video of Jacob and Kenny trying to get the feed out of the machine. Be sure to have your sound on so you can hear Jacob giggling.

A little while later Jacob rolled off a stump and split his lip, so we got him a popsicle and started back home. He was fine after the ice cream, although he looked a little rough for a few days. Between me with my bandaged hand (I had to get a stitch in my pinkie, a glass measuring cup broke in my hand) and Jacob's split lip, Kenny was worried that the teachers at kindergarten might be a little concerned! But we are all healed up now, this all happened last weekend.

I'm behind in my posting, but trying to catch up. I went with some friends on a quick Poland trip Saturday, and will post a photo of some of my purchases. Hopefully in the next couple days!

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