Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Today is another beautiful day, the weather is so nice. It is already about 65 degrees, so by this afternoon we should be in the 70's. We put out our tomato plants over the weekend, they were getting too big to stay inside. So now they are all outside, with the exception of one pot of peppers that Kenny is keeping inside. It is really doing well, so we thought it was small enough to stay inside.

A friend and I went last Friday to a town just down the road, Gunzenhausen. We went to the "downtown" to look at the shops and have some coffee, it was really nice. The Altmühl river enlarges to a lake in that area, it is called the Altmühlsee. There are some other lakes there as well, and it appears to be a fairly popular summer destination. It's actually just as close as Ansbach to us, we are right inbetween the two places.

We are heading to Holland for the Memorial Day weekend, to a Centerparc bungalow park, De Huttenheugte. We are looking forward to a relaxing weekend, and hoping for warm weather. If the weather is not nice, it's okay! All of the swimming area is indoors so we can spend our time in there. We have a small 2 room bungalow booked, and some bicycles reserved also. Should be lots of fun.

I went to the metzgerei (butcher) today and got some fresh bratwurst to grill this afternoon for dinner, it is too nice to cook inside. They also have really good salami there, so I got some of that as well. Jacob likes to take it for his mid-day meal at kindergarten. When I dropped him off today, he was hoping that since it was sunny he would get to spend a lot of time outdoors. I'm going to pick him up in just a little while, we'll see if he did or not. They had all the windows wide open to let in the fresh air, I had done the same at home as well. It's a great thing until they start spraying the fields next to the house, then you have to run and close them up quick!

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