Thursday, March 03, 2005

So, I keep thinking I need to post something to the blog, but really don't have anything of interest to post. It has been rather dull around here, and really cold. I was watching Euronews the other night and it was reporting on the colder than normal temperatures. Apparently this cold has blown in from Siberia, and is causing snow in areas that normally have no snow this time of year. Places like the south of France and Spain, and places that usually get snow are experiencing much more snow than usual. So at least it is not my imagination that last year was not as cold as this year.

Kenny has finished up his project at work which had him working 7 days a week, we are looking forward to all being together for a relaxing weekend. He is especially looking forward to sleeping in and not having to go to work, this will be his first day of not working in quite some time.

I saw some interesting items at the German grocery store the other day. I was checking out the pork, it is often cheaper than on post, with more to choose from. Unfortunately I stumbled upon things I really didn't want to see, all wrapped up and labeled for a quick meal. All pig parts, like the heart, and the lungs were there. Of course there were pig snouts, looked like about six of them in the package. I guess if you need them, you need more than one. And feet, liver etc ---- needless to say I didn't get any meat either. After that discovery I was done with grocery shopping, so I moved on to better things. (A latte with a friend - much better!)

We have some huge icicles hanging from our windows, they have been there about a week. Growing a little some days, but never melting off. From inside the house they look like giant fang teeth (if you use your imagination). The snow is not melting, so they have tractors (surprise! more tractors) out scooping up the snow and carting it off. It really had to be done, the roads were getting very narrow where the snow was getting plowed and pushed to the sides.

Speaking of tractors, they really do use them for everything here. Farm work, snowplows, backhoes, bulldozers. I've seen just about every attachment on them. The other day one came out of the field with something in the "scoop" attached to the front. It appeared to be a military footlocker, covered with dirt and rather old looking. I had to wonder where he got it ( looked like it had just been dug up) and what was in it... I guess I'll never know.

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