Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Parent's Week 

This week at kindergarten it is Parent's Week, we were able to sign up for a day that we wanted to come participate and see what our child's day is like. Today I went for a few hours and it was really fun. They have plenty of unstructured time to play, and then of course singing and art. Today was also the day they have their "gym" time, we went up and they had some more physical games to play. I see why Jacob enjoys it so much, it is really nice there. Not too stressful and structure, he's only 3! We painted a giant picture of an Easter egg together, and I also joined him for his brötzeit time. The picture above is him drinking his "kindertee", they have it everyday and he really likes it. I made some at home last time he was sick and he wouldn't touch it, but at kindergarten it's the best thing ever. (It's a fruit tea, no caffeine in it in case you were wondering!) There are some little girls in his class that are about 5 or 6 and they take care of Jacob like he is their little brother. The older kids really help out with the younger ones, it is a nice way of doing things. And probably easier on the teacher too!

I took a few other pictures, they are in Feb/Mar chapter of the Everyday Pictures section in the online photo album. (linked in the side bar also)

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