Monday, March 28, 2005

Free Drinks! 

On the way home from kindergarten the other day, we saw a man scurrying from door to door. I wasn't quite sure what he was up to, then he went around the corner and hopped back in his Brunnthaler Mineralwasser truck. Aha! The water/drink man was making his deliveries. I had never seen his truck before, but I know the local brewery makes home deliveries of beer. So I assumed that it was the same thing. But when I got home I found the items pictured above on my front doorstep. He was passing out free samples! Came with coupons for the local getränkmarkt ( beverage market, sells beer, juice, water, soda etc in crates, usually in returnable bottles) and information on the springs where their water comes from. We have tried them all, and have mixed reviews. The Apfel-Kirsch (Apple-Cherry) juice was pretty tasty, it was the favorite out of all three. The Bruny-10 was the least favorite, it had a strange taste to it. It's a multi-vitamin drink, a blend of different juices. The Cola-Mix is a very popular drink here in Germany. I've seen it under all sorts of names, Mezzo-Mix, Spezi are a few examples. It's basically a blend of cola and orange soda. It was good, just another type of soda.

So, is it a slow blog day or what? :)

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