Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Off to Kindergarten 

Jacob started at the German Kindergarten down the hill yesterday. Here, the kids go to "Kindergarten" from age 3-6 years. He seems to like it, and was excited to go back this morning. They had a Puppenspielen (puppet show) come today, they are still quite popular here. Jacob is having lots of fun there, and seems to be of interest to the other kids. Probably because he doesn't stop talking and they have no idea what he is saying! He comes home very tired and ready for his nap. The teachers are very nice, and the parents I've met are too. One man speaks good english, so today he was kind enough to help the teacher and I when we got stuck on a word.

Here he is on his first day, getting ready to leave the house. The blue bag is his "brötzeit", it's a small meal between breakfast and lunch, it translates to "bread time".

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