Wednesday, February 02, 2005

More info! 

I had some questions about his kindergarten, so I thought I would make a short post with more info. He goes Monday to Friday, from 8am - noon. It is mixed classes of kids, ages 3-6 years. The older kids help the younger kids do things, which is a nice way for Jacob to learn. He has two teachers, and they are both very friendly. They have a "sports" day, where they do something in the gym. And they usually go outside to play every day. If it is snowy, they have a small hill the kids can sled down, and a really nice playground for the warmer months. Lots of things to climb on and do. The name of it is Kindergarten Stilla, it is a Catholic kindergarten. It is the only one in town, so there are kids of all religions there. It is about a 10 minute walk from the house, although we have been driving the first few days, it is so cold and snowy. But we will probably walk it once the temperature comes up above freezing!

When we arrive each morning, Jacob takes off his coat, etc and puts them on a shelf/hook they have there. Then he gets his "hausschuhe" on (like slippers but with sturdier soles), he leaves those on while inside. Since it is cold they drink hot tea, which Jacob really likes. He tells me about it everyday. When I pick him up, they are usually singing songs or playing. He always wants to stay, but I assure him we will come back the next day. Then we switch his shoes, gather up his stuff and head for home, where he is ready for a nap. Here is a link to the info on the kindergarten from the city's website, it looks a little outdated. But there are a few pictures of it.
Kindergarten Stilla

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