Saturday, February 19, 2005

Just stuff 

So, it is still snowing.... While it tapered off a bit from the very heavy stuff a few days ago, it is still falling from the sky. I have to wonder if it will ever stop, but at least they seem to be clearing the roads regularly. The tractor just rumbled by a few minutes ago, so the hills should be drivable. Jacob and I were out shoveling the walk earlier today, and he was having a great time rolling around in the snow. It's up to his knees so he has to really work at walking through it. The nice thing about going out to shovel the walk is that we get to talk to our neighbors, since they are out doing the same thing. We are lucky to have lots of nice neighbors, both American and German.

He is really enjoying kindergarten, his teacher tells me he is learning very quickly. He knows his colors in German, here is a short clip of him saying them. He was naming off the colored sprinkles we were using to decorate some gingerbread cookies. Just click on the picture and it should load, may take a little time if you are on a slower internet connection.

(The translation is "red, blue, green, orange and yellow") Pretty cute, isn't he? We sure think so..

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