Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blizzard of 2005 

At least that is what I am calling it. Merriam-Webster defines blizzard as
1 : a long severe snowstorm 2 : an intensely strong cold wind filled with fine snow

So I really think it qualifies, since I don't think it has stopped snowing since yesterday. This was on the way home from Katterbach yesterday.

I went up to Katterbach with a friend to greet her husband, he had just arrived back after a year in Iraq. It was so great to be there for such a happy occasion, I took some pictures for her of them and the kids.

This morning I dropped Jacob off at kindergarten and went into to Ansbach to do a few things, thinking that the snow would stop at any moment. Well, it didn't and needless to say it was a tricky drive back to Wolframs-Eschenbach. Part of the problem was that the snow was drifting in from the farm fields, and covering the roads. There are road markers along the sides of the road, and those help as far as knowing where the edge of the road is. Also, there were a few hills that became quite slippery on the way up. There was a car in front of me that didn't seem to be making much progress up the hill, lots of slipping and sliding. Once he got going he finally made it, and I went on up behind him. The snow was so fresh that it would fill in the treads of the tires, so they didn't have anything to grip the road/snow with. Of course, our neighborhood sits at the top of a hill too, so we had one more hill to drive/slide up.

Now that we are home, we don't plan on leaving again today. I do have to be on Katterbach tomorrow morning at 10am, hopefully they will clear the roads before then. It appears that they weren't even making an attempt this morning, maybe because they knew so much more was coming. The dogs are having their usual good time in the snow. Heidi likes to plow through the snow, it's at least 6 inches deep now. She has to sit on the rug to "thaw" when she first comes in, for the reason you can see below.

Even with all the snow, I still see people driving through the neighborhood, coming and going. I don't know how much snow it would take to shut things down, but apparently more than we had today. Just something they are used to, so everyone goes about their business. And they don't go to the store and buy all the milk and bread either!

The snow in our yard was up to the first rail on our fence a couple hours ago, and no signs of stopping yet..

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