Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Time can really slip away and then I realize I better post something soon! We have been busy this week, back to our bible study group and getting ready for the trip this weekend. Jacob is super excited, I can't wait to see his reaction to everything. I also got him set up to start German kindergarten (like pre-school) in the beginning of February. I'm not quite ready for it, but he is! We haven't had any snow, mostly just rain sprinkles here and there. If the sun peeks through the clouds we rush out for a walk or bike ride, just to enjoy it. I'm sure we have more snow coming, it snowed plenty last February when we first arrived.

Last year I made an attempt at a vegetable garden, in containers on the patio. Didn't go so well, and I was a little disappointed. This year I am trying again, and it will be better. We have to start the seeds indoors and all that, so I am already in the planning mode of this. I have taken the first step, and already placed my order with Burpee so we can get the types of tomatoes, peppers etc. that we want. Not just a generic little plant that says "tomato" on it. I found some that are supposedly better suited to container gardening. It is going to be my mission this summer that we get some great tomatoes out of this garden. Hopefully as good as the ones we grew in Tennessee, but I just don't think we have enough heat here to do it. I will keep you posted on the progress, I know everyone will be anxiously awaiting!

We will be gone until Monday evening, and will try and post about the trip as soon as I can.

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