Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Last Day/Trip Home 

Monday morning was gray and very foggy, almost felt like a light rain at times. We had prearranged to have our breakfast in the park, instead of at the hotel. Same breakfast, you are just able to eat at a restaurant in Fantasyland, before the park opens. Which puts you in the middle of things about 15-20 minutes before everyone else. Some of the rides are open, others are just getting ready to open. Breakfast was in Pinocchio's restaurant, it was very quaint. The usual European breakfast, with a little more variety. Fruit, yogurt, cereals, deli meats and cheeses. And of course bread, with yummy french croissants that were outstanding. The coffee/hot chocolate comes from a machine, I've heard people complain about that. I think it's great, you push a button and get whatever you want, including cafe au lait which tastes basically like a latte. After we had some breakfast we bundled back up and headed into the park.

We went over to "It's a Small World" first, it was just about to open. We got to enjoy their version of a glockenspiel, it was very cute.

It's a Small World entrance

Once we got on the ride, Jacob was very excited. He loved all the kids singing, there was so much going on during the ride. It was definitely better than the one I remember in Orlando, but maybe they have updated it since we were last there.

We actually rode it twice, certain rides you could do that on (a special promotion for the weekend.) There was plenty to notice the second time around, really great. The park was deserted, maybe the weather or just an early Monday morning. From Small World we wandered over to Snow White's ride, and then back to Pirates of the Caribbean. Jacob insisted we ride it again, so we went around twice on that too. We did a little shopping, Jacob finally settled on a souvenir that he wanted.

Really enjoying Disney!

We asked Jacob if there were anymore rides he wanted to go on, and he said "no" so we seized the opportunity and headed back towards the hotel. We loaded up and headed back for Germany, around noon. The drive back was fine, very foggy even though it was the middle of the day. We saw some of the countryside, and some huge farmhouses. We are able to use gas vouchers in Germany so we can pay our "on-post" prices for gas. But in France we aren't able to, so although we filled the tank at the border, we did have to get one tank of gas in France. No complaints from anyone in the U.S. about gas prices, we paid $71 for 3/4 of a tank. Not exactly sure how many gallons, everything is in liters here. But it used to cost me about $22 to fill up in Clarksville before we moved. Once again, we are very thankful that the military post provides fuel to us at U.S. prices.

We really enjoyed Disneyland Paris, and I'm not sure why I heard so many negative things about it. It was more crowded on Saturday and Sunday, practically empty on Monday. But even on Sat/Sun we didn't spend more than 15 minutes in any of the lines. The restaurants weren't too crowded, we never had to wait for a table. So that is the high point of going in the winter. But the weather was really cold!!! I would say between 30-40 degrees, sometimes the sun would peek out. Monday morning was worst day because it was so damp. We only had a few things planned, and wanted to be on the road for a trip back by early afternoon. So we really weren't too disappointed in the weather. We just had to stay bundled up, and go inside shops, or indoor rides every now and then to warm up.

So, that's the trip! Now maybe I can post the next time about all the snow we are having...

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