Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy New Year! 

The New Year started off with a bang here, literally. Every country has to have a holiday that allows average people to play with explosives, and here it is definitely New Years. All the stores sell them, no need for those tents on every corner like in the U.S. And the fireworks they sell here make everything we do in the U.S. look like duds. We watched out our top floor windows and it was like seeing a small 4th of July display. Although we had to keep looking in every direction, they were coming from every house it seemed. Then we watched our neighbor across the street haul out this large, flat box shaped thing. He set it on the edge of the street and lit it. It was like a mini professional display in a box! Very cool, Kenny wants to go shopping for some of this stuff next year. We woke Jacob up to watch everything, we were surprised he was even still asleep. He was impressed, and then went back to sleep a little while later. The explosions continued on until about 2am, or at least that was the last I remembered hearing them. The next day as we were driving, we would see debris areas in every little village. But most were swept up on our return trip through the villages. So, we didn't get to watch the Times Square thing, but we did get to watch some great fireworks in our PJ's from the warmth of our home.

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